Friday Feature - Adaptable Addresses

Last week, I wrote about how easy it is to create employee labels.  The same is true for vendor labels.  There is a "sister" report that produces 3-up labels in the Req/Payment Reports activity. Printing out the labels, whether it is for an employee or a vendor is all well and good, but what if you have some specific ideas about how to format the address, like you want to have two lines for the street address.

Escape Online has got you covered.  In the Employee record and the Vendor record when you are typing in an address, you can use a double slash (//) to indicate a line break.  Check it out:

See the slash/slash in between "3-Fl" and "Escrow"?  Escape Online will interpret this as a line break.  So the address will look like this:

Comerica 10900 Wilshire Blvd 3-Fl Escrow Dept/MS4431 Los Angeles, CA 90024

And this magic doesn't just apply to addresses in the Vendor record.  No siree, Bob.  It can also be used in employees, direct payments, 1099s, W-2s, you name it.  That's miraculous!