PERS Changes

As most of you probably already know, PERS is planning to launch their new my|CalPERS system in September, 2011.  In preparation for this new reporting process, Escape sent out an 11.02 patch at the end of June with some important software changes. One of the biggest changes to the PERS reporting process is how addons for special compensation (Contribution Codes 6 or 16) are coded.  Two new fields were  added to the addon setup record, PERS Special Comp Category and PERS Special Comp Type.  It is critical that your Production system is updated with this patch and that all addons with PERS Contribution Codes 6 and 16 are coded with these new Special Comp Category and Type and pay is initiated  BEFORE you submit a July payroll that has special comp addons that will be reported in the July 2011 PERS report.  The new PERS system won’t be ready to accept files until September, but the new changes go into effect for the July reporting period.

Other changes in the software include 3 new fields in the Organization setup record for new PERS and Division Id’s as well as the addition of the Special Comp Category and Type fields to the Employee Addon setup, Adjust Payroll and the PERS Editor.  When a PERS file is generated for a reporting month, we now produce both the old PERS file and the new XML file formats.  A new task has been added to the PERS Processing activity to generate a Test File for PERS in the new XML format.  Currently this task must be granted to a user in the User record as a permission.

Hopefully you are already well aware of these new changes and are in the process of coding all of your special comp addons.  There are several PERS resources that I encourage you to take a look at; the PERS File Testing Overview for Employers document and the Get Ready for my|CalPERS with PERT page on the CalPERS website  This page has links with information about Training, Technical Resources, System Access Administration and System Conversion.

As always, if you have any questions about the new PERS changes, feel free to contact your Escape Customer Care Support Representative.