Operation Backpack

One of the things I love most about my job is that I work with some amazing people here at Escape.  Not only are they a good-looking, incredibly smart group, they are also very giving.  I'd like to share a story of their generosity: As I was getting coffee one morning, I noticed the coffee shop had a box for Operation Backpack.  Volunteers of America Greater Sacramento was hosting their annual back-to-school supplies drive - a way to help out the many needy children in our area.

Thinking about last year when I had to fill four such backpacks for my own children and remembering the incredible cost of it, I wanted to be able to help out others this year.  I also thought maybe a few of my coworkers might be willing to help out, so I grabbed a couple of flyers, came into the office, and sent out a quick email to all Escape employees (gotta love the "All" group when sending out emails).

The email was pretty basic: here's a list of items needed to fill a backpack for a 1st-4th grade student and a 7th-12th grade student in case anyone would like to participate.  The responses started coming in immediately.  Within a week we had so many people wanting to donate items that we filled a third backpack!

It was a great feeling to walk in to the coffee shop with three filled backpacks.  I truly appreciate the willingness of my coworkers to jump in and participate in such a worthwhile event!