No Postage Required

It seems as though the electronic era redefines itself daily as more and more critical business functions continue to move away from the old paper processes and become paperless.  Businesses are always trying to streamline processes to become more efficient and reduce costs; school business is no exception.  With the current state of the budget, it’s more important than ever for schools to streamline and reduce costs where ever possible. In v10.05, we introduced the ability to email employee ACH deposits.  This slick new feature emails ACH’s via a secured PDF.  For many customers, this new feature will help to streamline the payroll process and reduce costs.  No paper, no envelope and no postage required!  If all of those benefits aren’t enough, it also means faster delivery and more convenience for employees.  Are thinking that not all of your employees would embrace this new delivery method?  Don’t worry, Escape Online 5 gives you the flexibility to turn this new feature on system wide, on an org by org basis or on an employee by employee basis.

Ventura County was the first customer to pilot the new Email ACH project.  They started with 40 employees in the county office on their March 31st payroll and have slowly started offering the new option to districts.  If you are interested in setting up Email ACH, please contact your HR/Payroll Customer Care Representative to schedule a conference call.