Friday Feature - Approval Power

Approvers of requisitions have the power of yea or nay, but sometimes they need more than that, especially if they are program managers and someone is spending money from their budget! Workflow approval paths give you the power to allow requisition approvers the ability to edit requisitions in the Submitted status as if the requisitions were in the Open status. For example, if a requisition requires approval and the approver needs to change the accounts, they can do so as an approver. But, once they post that approval, the ability to edit is no longer available.

This super hero ability is controlled through a flag in the workflow approval path.

Allowing Approvers to Edit Requisitions
Allowing Approvers to Edit Requisitions

If the Allow Editing While Submitted flag is set to Yes, all users with the specified workflow role code will be able to edit a requisition in the Submitted status until they post their approval.

Any changes made by an approver are documented in a History record.  And, Escape Online sends a notification of the change to the user who created the requisition, as well as all approvers that have already given approval since the last submission.  This keeps everyone in the loop.  Powerful!

NOTE: This new feature only applies to workflow approvals; it does not apply to the standard 1234 approvals.