Kudos to Elen

teamworkAs you can imagine, life as a support rep isn't always easy.  Most of their day is spent solving problems and dealing with issues and deadlines.  That's why receiving a compliment or 'thanks' from a customer is very meaningful.    Below is a portion of a note that I received last week from Joel Toste at Placer County Office of Education regarding Elen Meltonyan, who provides HR/Payroll support for them.

"In the busy environment of software support for over 800 users, we don’t seem to find enough time to stop and be thankful for Elen’s expertise, dedication, and overall pleasant demeanor.  She is a joy and a pleasure to work with on a daily basis for me and my support team."

Way to go Elen...and Joel too for taking the time to say thanks!  If you appreciate your Escape support rep, please take a few extra minutes to let them know.