More Quick Links

Escape is trying to make your job a bit easier by adding quick links to more activities.   We’ve added them to four activities in the last two releases; Employee Management, Fixed Assets, Print Purchase Orders and Approve Work Orders. Quick links open a tab in the same activity, acting the same as if you opened the activity separately, with the same edit and save rights.   Not only does this reduce the amount of time spent keying in requisition numbers, for example, but since you will have fewer activities open, there will be less reliance on the ‘where am I button’.  You can save time and frustration by using quick links.

A quick link was added to the Print PO activities.  For example, say you have a list of PO’s open and notice several requisitions that are on hold. Without quick links, taking a requisition off hold requires several steps.  Open the Requisitions activity, key in the search parameters, open the requisition and then make the change.   After all that you get to navigate back to the Print PO activity before you can actually print PO’s.

With quick links, all you have to do is click on a quick link, change the On Hold field to No, Save/Close the tab and the PO is ready to print.  How great is that?

As a preview of coming attractions – in the release coming later this fall – we will have quick links in selected reports.  The quick links will open the requisition associated with the report data for example or open the employee activity in an employee report.  The reports will even be linked together – run the summary report then use the quick link in that report to run the detail report.  Go from Fiscal01 to Fiscal02 to Fiscal03, gaining more detail about the accounts with each report.

Quick links are just another example of Escape's efforts to make the application as flexible as possible to accommodate different work processes.