Software Reviews

One of the difficulties we have as a small company is finding adequate time to train new employees.  The software is very complex and the employees we have are very busy doing their daily work.  A suggestion from Barry Collins was to reinstitute Software Reviews as a form of employee training, which Escape used in the early days.     A Software Review is where we assign a given topic and the new employee is responsible for using all Escape documentation, tutorials, user guides, webinars and slide presentations to learn about the given functionality to such an extent that they could train someone.  They complete a formal training session for our subject matter experts and answer questions from the team. This process is repeated for different topics each week until all topics have been completed.  The entire process takes a minimum of two months, sometimes longer.  

This approach has proven to have many benefits.  Firstly, it allows the team to assess how well the new employee is at researching, asking questions and putting the pieces together.  Additionally, it provides insight into how well they do preparing for and delivering training.   Lastly, it gives them practice dealing with difficult questions on the spot.


So, why am I telling you all of this?  Karen Wiker, our newest addition to the HR/Payroll support team, recently completed her software reviews!  She is now supporting Fairfield and will be taking on additional customers in the future.  Way to go Karen!

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