Thanks for the extra support!

I always love hearing from our customers, especially when it involves a 'thank you' to someone on the team.  Over the past several months we have been working with both Ventura and Tehama County Offices of Education on the changes that were required in Escape Online 5 to support the new PERS requirements.  Below is an email that we recently received from Ruth Fennel, SELPA Budget Assistant/Project Manager, at Tehama County Office of Education.  It's refreshing to know that all the hard work folks have been putting into the project is being recognized.

"Hi Jen (Stahr), John and Stephanie, I just wanted to express thanks from both Sheila and I for your support in the PERS testing. We have successfully uploaded a file to PERS in the new interface process. We still have quite a few things to work through with PERS, but Sheila will be working on those directly with the PERS system. 

Your problem solving and quick support has helped to lower our stress through this change. Thank you, that last table update was vital!"

Nice job everyone, keep up the good work!