The Mystery of the Missing Snapshots

In recent weeks, the support staff here at Escape has received a handful of incidents in which users were not seeing snapshots displayed in Escape Online 5 until users actually click in the work area.  After clicking in the work area, the snapshots would run fine until the Escape Online 5 client was closed and opened, at which time the initial snapshot would not again display.

We did some investigation and were able to narrow this undocumented feature down to the latest Adobe Reader update (10.1), which was a major update that provided security fixes, feature updates, and major enhancements such as Protected View for Acrobat. (10.1 Release Notes can be found here: Adobe Reader 10.1 Release Notes.)

We have found that unchecking the 'Enable Protected Mode at Startup' option fixes this issue and the snapshot will display in the work area every time.  To disable this option, open Adobe Reader X and go to Preferences under the Edit drop down menu.  Select the General  Category, and uncheck 'Enable Protected Mode at Startup.'

Protected Mode is a new feature for Adobe Reader X intended to extend Adobe's rapidly evolving defense-in-depth security strategy for mitigating and preventing security vulnerabilities. Protected Mode was designed to protect users' applications, data, and machine by limiting what malicious files can do and access. By default, Adobe Reader enables Protected Mode.

For the technical details regarding "Protected Mode," check out Adobe's blog.

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