Friday Feature - Tab Totals

I like enhancements that make my life easier.  No brainer, right.  That is why I LOVE the introduction of tab totals to Escape Online forms.  Now I don't have to click on a tab to find out if there is any information there.  Check it out!

Pretty cool, huh? At a glance, without clicking on a single tab, I know that my requisition has one item, six accounts, three payments and four approvals.  Plus, I also know that the item is not a fixed asset; no quotes were sent out; and no documents have been attached.  That's a lot of info for just a glance.

And, these tab counts update every time you save the record, so the next time you open the record, you only have to take a quick peek to to get all the information you need.  Now that makes life a lot easier!