Employee Spotlight: Susan Dickinson

Susan Dickinson joined Escape on April 15, 1997.   Previously, she was an independent consultant for 15 years. One of her most important clients was Marysville USD, supporting their minicomputer-based financial and payroll system. Now she is a Developer—creating, modifying, and enhancing Escape Online 5's over 400 reports. What is your favorite part of working for Escape? — The people would be a favorite part, not only co-workers, but customers too.  Another favorite part is that I am constantly learning.  That is important to me because otherwise I would get bored.

Can you give us a quick play-by-play of your average work day?  — I am a problem solver.  I am constantly solving problems, figuring out the best way to do something.  That is what I do all day.  Some of the "problems" are planned, and sometimes they are not.

What have been some of the highlights of your career at Escape? — I have always been in customer support.  My highlights are when I am able to solve a problem that makes someone's life a little better.

What are your favorite activities or things to do when not working? —I love to golf, sit in my yard, and enjoy having time with my kids.

Where are you from originally? — I was born right here in Roseville.  I am a true local.

If you weren’t a developer, what would you be? — Well, know, this is a bit of a stretch, but I would be a ballet dancer.  I danced until my twenties when I had to start making a living.

What is your favorite food? — That's easy.  I like tacos because I can pretty much customize a taco to be whatever I want it to be.  It is easy to cook and easy to eat.  Yummy.

What is your ringtone? — Depends on who it is.  My husband, son, and granddaughter have special ringtones, but I couldn't tell you what they are.  I just know them when I hear them.

If you could meet one person, who and why? — Phil Mickelson, the golfer.  I admire him.  He is an honorable person and a good role model.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? — I would like to see into the future.  That way I could avoid bad decisions, making better decisions.