County Wide Support Training - Follow-Up

The day began with an awesome continental breakfast.  Ramona welcomed everyone and introduced a special welcome from Bob Towery. We all got to know each other by doing a 2 minute speed meeting ice breaker led by Terri.  It was very exciting to see so many of our counties come out to exchange ideas, phone numbers and suggestions.

The day had lots of discussion points including a Troubleshooting Tips FYI handout which saves everyone lots of time and helps expedite resolutions to software problems.  During the user group round table, great connections and ideas were flowing. Here are a couple of highlights:

Ventura County takes advantage of their user groups to demo Friday Features and review the release notes because it’s important to them that their users know how to use the new features.

Tehama County has "Module" based user groups quarterly, where users share best practices and ideas and the County provides training.  Following their user groups, the County support team offers a “Study Hall” to allow users to work on items like budgeting, SACS reporting or payroll issues with the County support team ready to help with little to no interruptions.

Lake County offers their users “Workshops.”  During these workshops they view recorded Escape Webinars with hands on training on their Test system.  This helps train new users and gives district staff time to work on specific issues.

Sonoma offers "Activity" based user groups, which are planned out a year in advance.

Modoc County, Sacramento City Unified District and San Joaquin hold User Groups to train, provide networking between users, and provide “face to face” time with their users.  Carol from Modoc County shared her “Roaming Meetings.”  This is where she sets a date with districts to go to them and meet one on one.  What a great idea!

After a good lunch, Karen Wiker took our attendees on a tour de Escape.

Our afternoon session began with Ruth & Kate from Tehama County Office showing how they communicate to their districts using Escape Online 5.  They have added a module called “Tehama Resources."   Kate & Ruth's presentation was very insightful, giving attendees lots to think about and take back to their counties.

Our last round table of the day included how organizations are structured and how support calls are communicated and handled at each location.  We all saw how unique each organization is but one theme rang true and that was e-mail!  Most problems are reported this way.  Coincidentally the best way to communicate the problem to Escape was also by e-mail, using “MyEscape."

I was most impressed by how much our customers want their end users to be happy!!  Kudos to all of you!

I have to say a big THANK YOU to ALL of my follow Escapees for helping make this day be smooth and productive.  Without you, the day wouldn’t have been such a success.

We wrapped up our day with Support gift bags for all attendees.  It was a nice reminder to always do our best but never forget to laugh at ourselves.