PERS Web Conferences

PERS is holding web conferences every Tuesday and Thursday from 1:30 - 2:30.  This week I have attended both and think they are great.  They are fielding questions from the group and reviewing common errors that users are encountering.  Some information that we gathered from the meetings were:

  • When does current testing end?   Originally was ending 9/2/11, now there is no ending date.
  • When will we get updated SEED data?  A couple days prior to going live customers can pick up the latest SEED data from ACES.
  • Retired annuitants: Customers are having problems reporting them and PERS is working on it.  They suggested if you are getting errors to take them out of the file.  They are discussing internally on whether they will be required to be in the July and August files.

The information on the meetings is on the following page under general information.  For audio use the 888 number in the below screenshot.  And for visual click on Web Conference Links then the appropriate day.