Friday Feature - Multi-year processing

Sometimes we take things for granted.  Case in point.  Last week I was talking to a customer during the County Wide Support Training and she was saying how she loves the fact that Escape Online doesn't make her log in and out to see separate fiscal years. I only have experience with Escape Online (and Classic), so that was a different concept for me.  One I could not relate to.  Not even a little.  How the heck do you wrap up a fiscal year if you have to log in and out every two seconds?

Escape Online makes it so easy: I couldn't imagine it any other way.  For instance, say it is May 5 and I am merrily entering requisitions for this year, but then I have a request that I don't want to pay for this year.  Instead, I want to requisition and pay for it next year.  Seems like a common occurrence to me.

In Escape Online, when multi-year processing is turned on, all I have to do is pick the fiscal year from a drop down.  A ton of documents support this:  vendor requisitions, journal entries, AP payments, AR invoices, employee reimbursements, etc.  Check it out!


This simple task makes life so much easier for this customer.  She said that is one of her favorite features, one that makes it easy to get the information she needs on a daily basis.

I will never take it for granted again.  Well, not until next year...