Permissions That Fit

11.03 was released September 2nd and it is full of changes!  One big change that you will notice is that we now have just one Employee activity called Employee Management.  Previously, we had four activities – Employees, Employee Benefits, Employee Payroll Setup and Employee  Pay Management.  Each of these four activities was designed with user permissions in mind, certain users needed access to certain employee information, but didn’t need access to everything.  Even splitting the information into four activities did not make it  a one size fits all  situation, some customers still needed more flexibility.  11.03 now gives you that flexibility for Employee information.  Every tab that was available across the four Employee activities can now be granted access on a tab by tab basis!  Additionally, you have the ability to customize the tabs that the different HR Roles get by default. Do your Pay Managers always need access to Employee Benefits?  You can now change the default tab permissions for the PAYMGR role to include the Employee Benefit tabs.  Do you have a few users that just don’t fall into any of the default permission scenarios?   Do you need to grant access to one additional tab or remove access for a tab?  No problem, you can now add or remove tab access for Employee Management on a user by user basis in the User record.

We know that most of you have Users with special User Defined Permissions (UDPs) for the ‘old’ Employee activities, so we have created a script that will convert those UDPs into the proper tab permissions.  The new script is still being tested and should be available at the end of the week.