Marysville JUSD signs a contract for Escape Online 5

I’m happy to announce that Marysville Joint Unified School District has signed a contract to convert to Escape Online 5.  They have been an Escape customer since 1997 and are the last customer running payroll on our Classic product. 

I have been working with the team at Marysville JUSD for over two years while they evaluated their product options and am very pleased they are staying with Escape.   I look forward to spending even more time with the team as we begin the implementation process.  Although we are just starting the project planning, we are working towards a July 2012 live date.

From Escape, Gayle Lucas will be managing the finance portion of the implementation, while Jennifer Escamilla and Elen Meltonyan will be working together on the payroll side.  Please join me in welcoming Marysville JUSD to the Escape Online 5 family.