Survey Says...

Have you ever wondered how we decide which CR's will be included in a release?  According to Ramona, "It's more of an art that a science" but we are trying to change that.  Although our customers have always had a good deal of influence over the contents of the releases, they have been recently asking for more precision in being able to determine which CR's actually get completed in a release.

So for our next release, 11.04,  Escape added another step to further refine the process.  We asked all our customers to vote for their top 5 CR's in Finance, HR/Payroll and Reports.  Although still not perfect, the voting process did provide some very valuable information and we are using the results to prioritize delivery of the CR's that customers voted for.

From a tester's perspective the survey results provide a look into areas the customer deems the most important so I can develop more tests, both in depth and breadth in these areas.  As an employee, it makes me feel good that I work for a company that takes the time to gather customer feedback and actually uses it!