Friday Feature - Getting Help

Sometimes you need a little help from your friends.  (You could almost hear me singing that line!)  It is true, though.  There are parts of Escape Online that you only use occasionally and parts that you use every day but have trouble with.  What's a user to do? Since singing Beatles songs has never solved a work problem (only in our dreams), you may really need some help.  Well, based on some recent customer feedback, we have created two new documents that we hope will help you get a solution as quick as possible.

The new Troubleshooting section of the Escape Guides activity in the Online Resources module contains two new documents to help those that need it.

The first document is for Escape Online users.  It gives you some concrete troubleshooting and fact-gathering steps to take so you can clearly report your issue to your designated support rep.

The second is for district and county support staff to help them get the information they need to help you solve your dilemma.  And, if they need to escalate the issue to Escape Customer Care, the document includes helpful tips to ensure that process moves as smoothly as possible.

Now you will never feel sad because you're on your own.  We are here to help.