XCOE Gets an Upgrade

In an effort to improve systems performance in Escape Technology's hosted solution (XCOE), the team at Escape sat down and came up with a strategy to improve the user experience.  Phase one of the plan has already been implemented and I would like to share that with you.  Now that the XCOE databases are growing in size and customers are becoming more comfortable in the software, it felt like a good time to give the database server a shot in the arm to help speed things up.

For the past few years the XCOE databases have been running on HP servers with 12 GB of RAM and 8 processing cores.  The databases were running within SQL Server 2005 installed in Windows Server 2003 (x86).  The first thing we did was get the hardware upgraded.  We installed a new Dell R710 with 24 processing cores and 48 GB of RAM.  This was a good start, but we felt that there should be more we could do.

With this in mind, Escape stepped away from traditional disk drives with spindles and installed over a terabyte of SSD (Solid-State Disk) drives setup in a RAID configuration.

Below are some of the benchmarks comparing the disk I/O between the old and the new database servers.  As you can see, there is a HUGE difference in both the database read and write performance (mostly read performance).

Old Database Server




New Database Server

Benchmark results were compiled using PassMark Performance Test version 7.

The new database server runs SQL 2008 R2 installed within the Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64) environment.  Stay tuned for further XCOE system updates.