1099 time

Well, here we are again, time for 1099's.  You say 1099's aren't due until the end of January?  That's true, but Escape needs a bit of lead time to make the changes, test them and get the release into your hands.  Since there are no regulatory changes this year, we are focusing on 6 enhancements - and 1 defect fix.  Our process identifies all CR's relating to 1099's so they can be included in the correct release, this year it's version 11.04.  Each CR is first tested individually to ensure the changes are made according to the customers' request. After the individual testing we do integration testing to see if the new changes play well with the exisiting software.  Integration testing is focused on the whole 1099 process.

  • We import vendor 1099 files, fix missing tax id's, verify any 1099 errors reported by the software are correct, and run all related reports and snapshots.
  • Then 1099's are printed and unprinted for individual orgs.
  • Finally, we process all 1099's for the county, including generating the 1099 file and rolling it back.
  • All errors are fixed before the software ships.

Since 1099's have to be accurate when mailed, we ensure if any problems are identified by the customer they are remedied immediately.

Finally, don't forget the 1099 Webinar scheduled for December 8.  The Webinar will cover the whole process from setup to file generation, don't miss it!