Friday Feature - Codes vs. Descriptions

In this new world of customization, with everything from the Starbucks coffee you are drinking to the playlists on your iPod, people want custom, well, everything, including their Escape Online reports. Now, our "standard" reports and snapshots give users a lot of options, but so did the CDs of your favorite bands.  But you weren't satisfied with their choice of options and you created your own playlist.

We give you a similar option with grids.  It is really simple.  Use the search page to create a list of records, then click the Grid button so you can "play" with the list and make a report that is custom-made just for you.

Say that you are a numbers person.  You don't need no stinking descriptions.  You know that vendor #054035 is  Why waste space on your report with all those descriptions?  Just give me the facts, ma'am.

On the other hand, say that you are a visual person.  You want descriptions, not numbers.  You know who is, but 054035, really? Why waste space on your report with all those numbers?  Just show me the data.

The way you create these custom reports requires only a couple of clicks of the mouse, right-mouse clicking on the title of any column and then selecting from a drop-down list which columns you want (only descriptions) and which ones you don't (no codes, thank you very much). Then, click the Make Report option from the Reports task.

So, whether you are a numbers person or a visual person (or both!), you can get the data you need without the data you don't!