Let's do this again!

Marysville JUSD has been using Escape Classic since July of 1996.  In fact, they were the first new implementation I was involved in, as I also joined Escape in 1996.  Barry Collins managed their implementation then and brought me in to help out.  (I learned from the best.)  Now they’re converting to Escape Online 5.  They are our last Classic Payroll customer so we’re very excited to get them converted.  The Project Team includes Nancy Henshaw, Yvonne Sanchez, Kathy Cartwright and Bryan Williams on the Marysville side and Jennifer Escamilla, Elen Meltonyan, Tom Henzie, Dayna Kelsey and myself on the Escape side.

 Marysville has completed the first step which is to get the equipment in place and SQL installed.  The next step is to complete the initial conversion.  This is one of my favorite stages of an implementation - I review how the district has been using Classic and fit their workflow into Escape Online 5’s design.  The initial conversion requires the setup of configuration files that will allow the conversion process to assign their Classic documents (requisitions, journals, etc.) to Departments in Escape Online 5.  We’ll continue to do monthly conversions so that the district can do their testing with up-to-date data.

 The Overview training will take place this week.  After that, the users will be able to go back to their desks and ‘test drive’ the new system.  And that’s when the real fun will begin.