Saving Trees

The ability to email employee ACH deposits was introduced in v10.05.  In early August I wrote an article to tell you all about this great new feature and at that time, Ventura County was piloting the project.  They started with a group of 40 employees receiving their ACH deposits via email and I am happy to report that they are now up to 350 employees! We now have a total of 5 customers using Email ACH.  As of October 10th, Escape Online 5 has emailed a total of 4424 ACH’s!!  September was our biggest month to date.  On the month end September payroll,  2559 ACH’s were emailed.

We are well on the road to saving a few trees, not to mention time and money for the customers using this feature.  If you are interested in using our Email ACH functionality, please contact your HR/Payroll Support Representative to schedule a conference call.  We will guide you through the setup steps and have you saving trees in no time!