Friday Feature - Time for Leaves

Fall is in the air, the leaves are changing color, and holiday plans are being made.  The first two parts are lovely and beautiful, but that last part (holiday plans) needs vacation time. Employees love their vacation time (I know I do), and they are very persnickety about knowing exactly how much time they have.  The key to helping employees know their current balance is to have specific leave granting rules that they can rely on.

Escape Online helps you with that.  There are multiple setup records that control leave granting with finite controls.  One of the more recently added controls is the Mid Year Service Change field in the Leave Balance Profile.

The field has two options: "Month Change Occurs" and "Following Grant Period".

The "Month Change Occurs" applies the change to the month following the leave date. That seems pretty self-explanatory: if you have a change, the change takes place almost immediately.

The "Following Grant Period" is a little more complex because it bases the change on the timing of the grant.

Let's use the screenshot shown here as an example. The grant timing is monthly (right above the highlighted field).  That means if I have a midyear change in November, the new grant range (the table at the bottom) will take place in December.

Now, if the grant timing was annual, I would not see the change until the next fiscal year (July).

Allowing for all the different variations of bargaining units and person types (classified and certificated), leave granting can become a very automated process that allows everyone (payroll tech and employee alike) to know exactly what balances can be expected, making the holiday season just a little less stressful, allowing us that extra time to notice the changing of the leaves.