Friday Feature - Tracking Training and Licenses

School business is serious about education, and I am not just talking about the kids.  Most employees are also educated and continue to take courses and obtain licenses or certificates throughout their career.  This additional training is important for placement and salary considerations. All types of training are important to track, specialized training and licensing is especially critical.  That is why Escape Online includes an Education tab in the Employee record.

This tab allows you to track degrees, licenses, units, NCLB requirements and all types of training.  It also includes expiration dates for those licenses that expire (like machine operator license).

But having the information isn't enough.  You need to be able to use that info, so we have several options for searching for these records, and we include them on the Employee Snapshot.

And, of course, they are also included on the J-90 report for filling out the salary and benefit schedule for certificated bargaining units.

Now that takes education seriously.