Chico Unified Database Migration

You may have read our earlier post on Chico Unified School District going live on Escape with all modules in January, 2012.  Carole Williams, our implementation Project Manager, speaks of the great folks at Chico and their progress learning the software and how to use it most effectively. But let’s step back in this process and think about the data that has to be in place before much of the work can be done.  I’ve been migrating Chico’s previous business system into their new Escape database for the last 6 months. We’re actually using multiple systems and coordinating the data imports based on project needs. We have a test database for trial runs where I do most of my SQL script development, a training database that can be loaded repeatedly with true data for training and verification, and finally a production database for the live system.

I’ve been working closely with the project lead at Chico, Peter VanBuskirk, to ensure the files from the previous system are correctly formatted, translated and imported into Escape. For the Finance Module we’ve moved data for AP and payroll vendors, accounts and their components, fixed assets and warehouse items. In the HR/Payroll Module we’ve been working on employee records, positions, assignments, dependent records, benefits and leave balances.  We also have payroll setup information for contributions, deductions, taxes, direct deposit, and retirement.

That’s a lot of data! Granted the migration can be a difficult process and there are many questions going back and forth with the customer. That’s why open communication is essential and that’s exactly what I have with Chico. I look forward to their successful implementation in January.