The Big Setup

Last week, I was in Marysville for our scheduled Finance Setup training.  As we worked through the setup activities in Escape Online 5, I was struck by how open to change everyone was.  Marysville has been on the Escape Classic Finance and Payroll systems for almost 15 years and while the system has served them well, they are excited to learn all about the new functionality available in Escape Online 5.

They were impressed that they will no longer have to make sure they enter journals using the correct Journal type.  Now they will just use the standard general journal and Escape Online 5 will change it to the correct type based on the accounts in the journals, whether it be a Cash, Interfund Transfer or Interfund Cash journal.  How cool is that!  And the same goes for budget transfers vs. budget revisions.  The logic is built in so the user can’t get it wrong.

As we reviewed the Department setup records, everyone was brainstorming about what they really needed and how it could be streamlined.  They loved the fact that setting up Multi-year will now be ‘automatic’, no more setting up next year’s sequences and turning on flags.

In the afternoon, we focused on User setup and Approvals, using both the User record method and Workflow.  When I left, they were a little glazed over, which is good.  It means I did my job. :)

But what impressed me the most was their eagerness and proactive approach.  Before ending the day, the Marysville team (Nancy Henshaw, Kathy Cartwright and Kim Sutherland) set up a weekly meeting to continue working through the setup.  I know they are all busy with their ‘real’ jobs but they also know that the time they spend now will ensure a smooth transition next July.  My kudos to the Marysville team!

Next up is the HR/Payroll Setup Training this week.  Elen Meltonyan will do that training with Marysville core HR/Payroll staff.