Integration Testing

As we are finalizing release 11.04, Stephanie and I are completing unit testing of individual CRs and then when that is complete we will be moving onto integration testing.   Since we will be transitioning into integration testing within the next week, I thought it would be helpful if I provided a high level overview of the process. Integration testing is when we test all the changes for a release comprehensively to ensure they all work together.  Each release has over 150 CRs so we need to make sure they all work together and don’t create any unforeseen issues.  We have test plans that outline testing scenarios for all the major processes within each module.  We execute those tests and look for any issues or variances from the previous release.  If problems are found we consult with the development and support teams to determine the proper fix.  We also run specific reports to ensure balances cross check across reports and that there are no errors.

I complete all the integration testing on the Finance side and Stephanie completes the integration testing on the HR/Payroll side.   Since 11.04 contains all of the 1099 and W2 changes for 2011 we have some additional tests we run specifically for those processes so integration testing will take slightly longer for this release.  However, we should be completed with all the testing the last week of November and the release should be available by Friday, December 2nd.