Escape in the LBC - CETPA '11

Last week, members of the Escape team attended CETPA (California Educational Technology Professionals Association) in Long Beach and got a chance to meet some of our customers and demo Escape Online 5 during the Vendor Exhibition.  It was great to finally put some faces to the phone voices and email signatures I receive every day; so thank you for stopping by and saying hi.  We had one visitor in particular that has made great strides integrating Escape Online 5 with other IT systems that we were all very impressed with. Tim Goree has been Director of Technology Support Services at Fairfield-Suisun USD since January, ‘11 and has hit the ground running with his team to take advantage of Escape Online 5’s SQL Server back end database.  Understanding the capabilities of SQL Server, Tim has put his dev/admin team to task to help overcome the many technical challenges that IT professionals experience on a daily basis.

Here are a couple projects that Fairfield-Suisun USD has been working on under Tim’s direction:

SubFinder Integration

SubFinder is a fully automated employee absence management and substitute placement system.  Fairfield-Suisun USD is now successfully importing base employee information from Escape Online 5 into SubFinder on a nightly basis so that SubFinder always has the most up to date employee information.  They are also working on reporting all absence information through SubFinder, and importing it back on a periodic and automatic basis to Escape Online 5 to nearly eliminate all the double data entry work that is currently going on between employees, HR, and Fiscal Services.

Onboarding/Offboarding with Linux

Using Free Open Source technologies, Fairfield is working with Revolution Linux to automate account creation for Fairfield staff and students using Escape Online 5 and Aeries as their authoritative databases.  When changes are made in Escape Online 5 by HR and Fiscal Services, the proper corresponding changes to their technology account structure also get made.  When a new employee is hired and entered into Escape Online 5, their login account for any computer in the District is created, their personal network space for files and their e-mail account is automatically provisioned, and they are automatically put into e-mail distribution and access groups based on their job classification and location assignments in Escape Online 5.  Conversely, as an employee is terminated in Escape Online 5, all of their accounts are automatically disabled and cleaned up as appropriate.

Tim states “…This is all happening right now.  As we move forward, we will continue to connect other systems that our staff and students use so that their accounts are properly provisioned there, too.  Ultimately, we want to allow these processes to be controlled based on what is put into our authoritative databases, and really work on making our data in those few places extremely clean.  As a result, our reporting data will be of a higher quality, the workload on the Technology department will decrease dramatically, the wait time for our staff and students to access the technology will disappear, the security of our network systems will be enhanced, and future District wide changes to accounts will be simple to roll out.  If Escape was using a database architecture that didn't use SQL industry standards or wasn't open to our staff to hook into, none of this would be possible.”

Tim Goree is also the Director at Large, Speaker Chair at CETPA.  Follow Tim on his website here.

Pictured below: Stephanie Fury, John Rhoadarmer, Tim Goree, and Mike Long