11.04 Is Full of Top Rated Features

COMING SOON  to a PC near you is the latest release of Escape Online, version 11.04.  This version is special because we did something totally different, something most software companies can't or won't do. We polled our customers to find out what their top 5 changes for Finance, HR/Payroll, and Reports would be.  Now that may not seem so unusual, but what we did next was very exciting.  We made those OUR top priority too.

Working with our customers, we came up with a process to allow them to vote.  More than a dozen customers participated in the survey, and we are so grateful for their participation.  As I said, there were three voting categories:  Finance, HR/Payroll, and Reports.  Customers had two weeks to vote for their top 5 in each category.

Once we had the results, we focused on making sure those changes made it into the release. Of the 15, an amazing 13 made it into the release.  It was a real team effort: Customer Care, Development, Testing, and Customers all working together to make a better product.

Finance Top 5 CRs in 11.04

  • 10399 - Budget/JE Approvals - allow users to get snapshot for All Journal Entries or for Selected Journal Entry Only
  • 10544 - Add an ability to edit liability account amount from Vendor Requisitions Account tab after the FY has been closed
  • 9895 - Add outstanding amount to Vendor Req list
  • 10821 - Create New Task " Recalculate Starting Balances" in Budget Management for MYP
HR/Payroll Top 5 CRs in 11.04
  • 9868 - Late start adjustment not calculated when days worked precede first day of the first pay period
  • 10195 - Change benefit calculation to accommodate mid-year increases, late starts, etc.
  • 10778 - SURVEY - Employee setup and Adjust Payroll allowing use of expired accounts
  • 7633 - Problems with ending manual calendar assignments early
  • 6639* - Add ability to mass create employment records

Report Top 5 CRs in 11.04

  • 10895 - Fiscal13 - GASB 54 - Changes to Ending Balance section of report
  • 10086 - New Report - Certificated Seniority Excel report
  • 10596 - ReqPay99 - Add text to indicate that req has an attachment
  • 10795 - Budget05 (by Account) - Print Adjustments with label of Adjustment instead of Vacancy, add option to exclude vacancies.

As you can see from the list, the top 4 in each category made it into the release and, in that case of HR/Payroll when it became apparent that we could not finish the fifth CR in a single release, we took the next one on the list (marked with an asterisk above) and completed it!

The process was so satisfying that we are doing it again for version 12.01, due in early 2012.  To be even more transparent, we will be blogging about the survey results and our progress along the way.

Thanks to our customers for such a great idea and for taking the time to be a part of our priority process.