Friday Feature - Fulfilling Unique Needs

Having been involved in the analysis of the CR voting project here at Escape, I was astonished by the unique needs of our customers.  While 80% of their procedures are the same, that 20% is daunting in its diversity.

That is why Escape Online has Extended* columns. Extended columns allow you to add custom fields to a variety of records, including department requisitions, employees, persons, benefits, positions, position detail and assignments.

These records allow you to create and name fields that appear right on the form AND the list AND the search.

So if your district or organization has a specific set of information that you keep track of that other districts using Escape Online do not, then we have got you covered.

The examples are endless, but let's review a few:

  • Typing requirements for an employee

  • Accounts verified flag in a requisition

  • Dental eligibility date in a benefit

Pretty specific, huh?  But that doesn't mean that they are not mission critical to the district that uses them on a regular basis.

* Note that Extended columns are considered custom programming, so there is a charge for setting them up.