v12.01 Survey Results

Since the feedback from the "Version 11.04 Pick Your Top 5" survey for Escape Online 5 went so well, we decided to do it again. For that reason, a week ago, we conducted a survey to help us prioritize the change requests for our first release of 2012, version 12.01, due just before spring arrives.

The majority of our customers participated in the survey, and we are so grateful for their participation.

There were three voting categories:  Finance, HR/Pay, and Reports.  Customers had two weeks to vote for their top 5 in each category.

Here is each category with a list of the CRs with the most votes.


This category was a little difficult because after the first four CRs with the most votes there is a tie with three CRs getting two votes each.  Just like the last survey, Escape Customer Care will break the tie.

CR# Subject Votes
7306 Add various selection criteria to Approve Requisitions Search screen, list screen 4
7638 (YE) - Stores returns for prior fiscal year reqs should post in the current fiscal year. 3
10739 Expired Accounts - Payments: check for expired accounts when a payment is submitted and provide a warning 3
11472 (YE) Starting Balance JEs are being posted even if out of balance by Fund-Resource-Year 3
7043 Change Roll Forward tasks to be run from current fiscal year into next fiscal year 2
8973 Add  AR Invoice Comment to System Generated JEs 2
10136 Stores item lookup not correct when down arrow is used 2
10144 (YE) - Change Year End Closing list to display each account line on a row, for separate accrual 2
10351 (YE) - Ability to process Work orders through YE Closing activity list 2
11168 (YE) - Fiscal Year Status: add warning when closing JE includes non-end balance accounts 2


The votes were definitive for this module.   Escape Customer Care will be adding all of the following to the list for 12.01.

CR# Subject Votes
9312 Change leave granting to work on each position for an employee, or flag an assignment to not grant at all 4
10780 (YE) - Ability to create supplemental STRS files in any given month 4
7560 Rate1 needs to recognize 'use adjusted rate' during entry 3
8737 Add flag to get hard error when assignment FTE entered exceeds 1.00 3
10303 Retro Position Account activity - remaining programming 3
11350 The system should not allow a user to setup an assignment to a closed position from the Employee Management activity 3


Again, the votes were very clear.  All of these CRs will be put on the list for 12.01.

CR# Subject Votes
10935 Budget07 - GASB 54 - Changes to End Fund Balance components 5
11438 ReqPay20 - not adding invoice amount correctly or calculating expensed amount if liability account is used in payment 4
7891 Pos04 - Report Changes 4
9052 Pos02 - Add new option to show EmpId and other enhancements 3
10824 Cred01 - New Report, Holders with Credentials 3
11477 Pay51 modify column heading of existing FTE to 'Total Assignment FTE' and add a new column for Acct FTE 3

This process has been fabulously successful.  We are really excited about it.  We even added an element this time around so that customers could identify their number 1 CR (of the 15 they voted for).

This kind of information is like gold and we couldn't do it without the help of our customers.  Thanks for participating.  And, if you didn't get a chance this time, contact Escape Customer Care to ensure that you can vote in the next survey.

And now for the caveats.  Of course, we cannot guarantee that every one of these CRs will make it into 12.01.

There are unforeseen circumstances, like a new government regulation, a particular problematic programming issue, or difficulty finding consensus on exactly what the change should be (watch out for more surveys in this case).

Remember though, these CRs are marked in our process as your priority and ours.  Accordingly we will try our best to program, test, and document the change for inclusion in the 12.01 release.