Marysville Is Moving Forward

Now that we have the Setup Training under our belt, Marysville has started the daunting task of setting up their users and Finance approvals.  This can be a little overwhelming and even though we reviewed these activities during training, it’s hard to know where to start when the task is at hand.

With that in mind, we’ve scheduled a webinar for next week to jump start that part of the project.  This is a nice solution since it gives the district and me a little more one-on-one time without committing to an entire site day.

For these types of things, webinars are the way to go.  We at Escape are using this approach more and more since it makes more efficient use of everyone’s time.

Once Nancy and Kim have a handle on setting up their users and approvals, we’ll schedule the Core Training, hopefully in January.  Go Nancy!  Go Kim!

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!  Cheers!