11.04 - Now Available on a System Near You

On Friday, December 2nd we released v11.04.  This release contains the 2011 changes for W2’s and 1099’s and it's also our final release of software for 2011.  As usual, this release was chock full of CR’s.  A little over 170 CR’s in fact! As you may have read in Leslie’s article at the end of November, the 11.04 release is special because it was the first release that we polled our customers to find out what their top 5 changes for Finance, HR/Payroll and Reports were and we made those CR’s our priority.  We did pretty darn good and got 13 out of the 15 top rated CR’s completed in 11.04.  This new polling process was such a hit that we will continue to poll our customers for each upcoming release to find out what changes are important to you and make those our priority.

If you don’t have the new 11.04 release installed on your Test System yet, please contact your Customer Care Representative to schedule an upgrade.  To find out more about all of the changes in 11.04, tune in for Terri’s 11.04 Release Review tomorrow, December 15h!!  You can link to all of the 11.04 information right from the Escape Online 5 software, just go to the Online Resources module and click on Release Information.