Friday Feature - Paycheck History

While county office payroll and retirement users make up a small percentage of our overall users, they perform a vital function, so we have quite a bit of specialized functionality for these users.  The Retirement activity group that includes the Person record and editors for both PERS and STRS is just one example. For those unfamiliar with retirement processing, the "person" record is the way Escape Online keeps track of retirement, allowing one record to see all employees and their assignments, even if they are at different organizations.

Definitely, my favorite tab in the Person record is Paycheck.

It is sooooo cool!

If you  need to see pay info for a person, you can click on this tab and peruse the list or get a snapshot of the paycheck itself.

If the employee works at more than one district, like the one in the screenshot shown here, then Escape Online lists both sets of checks.  Nice!

Now, I know there is a dedicated activity that shows payroll history (Payroll - Payroll History), but that is at least three mouse clicks away and this tab is only one.

And saving those two clicks is worth investigating!