The Year of Implementations

Now that December is coming to a close, it’s interesting to look back on all the implementation work for  new and existing customers in 2011.  We have one county office that went live in Escape during the year and two more COE migrations in progress. We’re also working on the migration of a single district where the customer is going to go live in January. One of our Escape Classic customers converted to Escape Online 5 last July and another is in the testing phase for a live conversion next year. Not a bad schedule if you like to stay busy! Shasta COE completed the final phase of a three phase implementation in October. They are now live with over 20 districts in HR/Payroll and Finance. As the primary developer for data conversions, I personally worked with a number of people at Shasta to complete the transfer of records from their previous system. We imported hundreds of files, analyzed results, dealt with data exceptions and designed a number of post-import updates to the database. I know there were many involved at Shasta but I extend special thanks to Kelli Roberts and Ruth MacDougall for all of their help!

The San Joaquin COE implementation is scheduled to go live next July. I’ve completed just a few data transfers here as their technology team has completed much of the conversion work themselves. When I have received imports, the data is exceptionally clean and is formatted in the structure of the database tables. This makes the data transfer extremely easy to monitor. My hats off to the San Joaquin team!

Monterey COE is our latest county implementation. They will have two phases with the first 11 organizations going live next July. The data transfers are just beginning but we’ve already completed test database imports for accounts, employees, payroll setup, positions and assignments.

Chico USD will go live in Escape Online 5 with all modules in January 2012.  We’ve done a number of imports to their system and there will be many more to come. Since training is ongoing, we’re prioritizing so users can view their true data as much as possible. Chico is a single district so the amount of data will be smaller but the attention to detail is the same. A migration should be used as an opportunity to ‘cleanse’ data so problems are not inherited from the previous system.

Finally there are the conversions from the Escape Classic system to Escape Online 5. For this type of project, we export data from Classic system to build the Online5 database.  A number of test database ‘refreshes’ are done before the customer goes live. Cupertino USD made the move last July. Marysville is scheduled for July 2012.