ReqPay 18 - faster and smarter

   ReqPay 18 - Vendor Check Detail was enhanced for version 11.04 to flag for review differences in Vendor checks paid, and the amount reported for Vendor 1099's. Each time our report developer, Susan, has to make a change to a report she looks for ways to increase its performance, always trying to make the reports more efficient.  As a result, report completion times are decreasing; the difference from one release to another can be as much as 10 or 15 seconds.

For version 11.04, ReqPay 18 finishes in half the time as it did in 11.03.

A report that runs 100% faster than the last release is a big deal.  In an effort to verify the improvement wasn't just the result of a hardware upgrade or some other change I'm not aware of, I compared the report completion times with 5 of our internal copies of customer systems.  The method I use is rather simple, but it works.  First, I run the report on a previous release to get an average completion time.  Then I install the report software for the current release and rerun the report to get an average for the new release.

The average times for all 5 systems show the same 100% improvement.

Customer 1 11.03  0:27 11.04  0:10

Customer 2 11.03  0:21 11.04  0:14

Customer 3 11.03  1:28 11.04  0:41

Customer 4 11.03  1:00 11.04  0:31

Customer 5 11.02  0:40 11.04  0:21