Friday Feature - Quick Accounts in Addons

This is the last Friday of 2011.  Monday will be a new year and I am making my New Year's resolutions.  I am vowing to use the Pay Detail window in the Adjust Payroll activity more often.

Why the Pay Detail window you ask?  Because it is so easy to enter information for addons so quickly, especially accounts.  For example, let's talk about addons for substitutes.

Every pay date tons of addons have to be added for substitutes, and most organizations set up a nice, clean, generic addon that can be used for all of the subs.  While this is great for reporting, it makes for a bit more data entry. Specifically, you need to enter units, rates, but most importantly the account.

Now you could use the Additional Pay activity because it has a nice batch feel to it, but accounts are more advanced and not covered by that activity.  Really, the fastest way is to use the Pay Detail window.  All you have to do is select Addon from the Detail menu in the Adjust Payroll activity.

See how it just shows me the addon info. AND, I can totally take advantage of this by rearranging my columns so that the addon's units and account are in the forefront of my workspace.

Now all I have to do is enter the info and press F8.  Escape Online automatically saves my work and brings up the next record.  What an awesome way to work my list.

Now that's a New Year's resolution I can keep!