Friday Feature - Mass Expire/Delete Accounts

Over the New Year's holiday, I spent some time mass expiring and deleting items in my garage, if you know what I mean. Now I can start the new year with a clean feeling. And, now you can do the same with accounts in Escape Online.  Yes, it is getting to that time when you need to roll-forward accounts so that you can start budgeting.

Escape Online makes it really easy to roll forward accounts, but you still have to do the cleanup.  Well, now the cleanup has become much easier with the introduction of the Set Expiration Date, Clear Expiration Date, and Delete Accounts tasks in the Setup-Accounts list.


Check it out.  Say you have accounts using the 8046 object (Supplemental Education Revenue Augmentation Fund - SERAF) which expired in 2010/11.  They were accidentally carried over last year and you don't want to do the same thing again. So, you want to delete all of those unnecessary accounts BEFORE you roll forward.

Easy squeezy!

First, you want to make sure all of the accounts were expired.  All you have to do is call up a list of accounts for fiscal year 2011 with that object.

Once on the list, you can use the handy dandy task to set the expiration date.

Then, you would go back to your search, change the fiscal year to 2012 and re-create your list.  Now, you can delete the extraneous accounts.

Obviously, once you have deleted the accounts from the 2012 fiscal year, they will not roll forward to the next.  Voila!  Clean chart of accounts for 2013!

What is especially cool about this cleaning method is that the Delete Accounts task will ensure that those accounts on the list do not reference any other records (e.g., journal entries, requisitions, position accounts) for the fiscal year BEFORE deleting them.

Now that is clean!