Working Together - New PERS Reporting

As you all know, the new PERS system went live in late 2011 and getting Escape Online 5 ready for the change was an enormous effort!  Jennifer Escamilla, our Customer Support Manager and Chad Guest, Vice President of R&D and our payroll programmer, spent an enormous amount of time working directly with PERS and our customer base to ensure everyone understood the requirements and how the programming changes were being implemented within Escape Online 5.  The final changes were included in 11.04 and all customers now have the software installed in production.  Anne Castleberg from Ventura County Office of Education and Joel Toste from Placer County Office of Education were key participants in the process and had some great things to say that I thought I’d share. 

Anne: I can say for sure that Ventura County is very pleased with the  support provided by Escape and the retirement staff are particularly happy about the latest enhancements to the PERS editor and Employee retirement set up that allow changes to the service period dates.

Speaking for myself, I  think Escape has done a great job working with the counties and PERS to get the new PERS reporting format and requirements in place and tested in time for the launch of the new PERS system.  After participating in many, many of the weekly PERS video/phone conferences  held over the months prior to and  following the launch, I know that not all vendors were so well prepared or involved.  The new reporting format and edits  from PERS required lots of changes to the Escape payroll software.  Escape has done a really good job of implementing those changes and providing  the necessary support.  Chad especially has been fantastic. 

 Joel: We really appreciate Escape’s efforts in working directly with PERS to implement the required reporting changes into the Escape software.  We felt included in their process and were made aware of the progress and also the issues that arose for which they needed our assistance with solving.  Given the magnitude of the project, we feel Escape did a wonderful job in pulling it all together and making it happen.  Thank you very much for your continued efforts in the business of education software!

Thanks Anne & Joel!  It’s always nice to finish a project like this with positive feedback from our customers. And not a bad way to start the year!