ACH Email in Placer COE by Joel Toste

The ACH Email functionality is working great in Placer County! We began our implementation process by using a small group of 40 employees across three Orgs and worked closely with Escape to do all the necessary setup on our Test system. We processed four payrolls on our Test system before working out the setup kinks which were all related to the server communication between the Escape application servers and our Exchange email server. Once we were satisfied with our testing, we made ACH Emails available to our 20 Orgs on a request basis.

Upon request from the individual Org, we worked with them to do all the necessary setup on our Production system. We performed data imports into Escape for employee work and home email addresses, and also performed table work to do mass setup of the employee overrides in order to lessen the keying burden to the Orgs.

Currently, we have fully implemented 8 of our 20 Orgs which equates to 4,983 ACH Emails being sent each month out of a total 8,144 ACH advices, or 61%.

We are in the process of implementing 2 more Orgs, which will add another 1,000 ACH Emails. The cost savings to the Orgs and PCOE in manpower time, envelopes, postage, paper, toner, and printer wear and tear has not been specifically identified; however, it is obviously substantial.

We would like to thank Escape for developing an excellent piece of functionality!!!

This post was written by Joel Toste, Director of Integrated Fiscal Services at Placer County Office of Education.  Escape Technology appreciates and encourages our customers writing guest blogs.  Thanks Joel!