New Year - New Escape

January is the time for making new starts and the staff at Marysville JUSD can't wait to dig in and learn more about Escape Online 5.

Core training begins next week with the HR/Payroll staff.  Elen Meltonyan will be the trainer for this 2-day, in-depth, hands-on training.  The first day will be devoted to HR, the second to Payroll.

The Finance Core training will be the following week and we'll be covering all finance functionality from requisition processing to budget development.  This will also be a 2-day, hands-on training.

Needless to say that with only 2 days for each module, we'll be busy, busy, busy.

In the meantime, Tom Henzie is continuing to convert the Escape Classic data so users always have up-to-date records to work with.   It makes a huge difference to end users when they can see current data while testing.

So, here's to you Marysville for starting the year off right!