Friday Feature - Account Roll-Forward History Messages

Last week, I told you about how easy it is to expire and delete accounts before you roll forward.  Now I am ready to tell you how easy it is to roll forward accounts to the new fiscal year. In Escape Online, this is a one-click proposition.  Literally. There is a task in the Fiscal Year Status activity that is called Roll Forward Accounts. Click it, and your accounts roll forward to the new year.

But, we don't just "copy and paste" all of those accounts to the new year.  Oh no, in the ever-so-popular Escape manner, we use some fancy logic to link accounts to previous years, skip accounts that have been expired for over three years, and create new accounts if a component (like object) has changed.

That's a lot of chic logic!

And, if you have used Escape Online for any amount of time, you are very familiar with all of this, but what may be new to you is now (as of 11.03) we are writing history records that document all of these circumstances.

Check it out!

This history shows you how many accounts rolled forward and how many accounts didn't roll forward and, most importantly, why!

Now that's fancy indeed!