Rush Hour on the Escape Online 5 Application Server

Whether it comes to traffic on the freeway while commuting to work or network traffic on your LAN we are always telling ourselves the same thing, “We need more lanes to move on.”  Escape has addressed this problem within the Escape Online 5 software with the use of multiple server connection points. What does this do?  Well, firstly, let’s take a look at the current setup.  All communication between clients and servers occur over a single TCP port on the LAN (the default is 7886).  Escape realized that there was a potential to bottleneck connections at this single point so a solution was developed.  What if we could add client communication ports to help balance the client\server communications?  That is exactly what we did.

It is now a configurable option to open as many communication ports as you like on an Escape Online 5 application server to service client requests.  Also, the server can dynamically modify the client configuration files for these server connections to eliminate the need to visit client workstations.  Escape is currently working an improving this solution to work with load balancers and DNS Round-Robin setups.  And who knows, it might even be possible in the near future to eliminate those pieces of setup and allow the application to load balance itself.

I will keep you up to date on any changes and feel free to contact Escape for further details on setup.