Linked reports

In previous releases if you needed to get more detail for an object, or troubleshoot a transaction, it was necessary to run and save multiple reports, this can be time-consuming.  Escapes' answer is to link specific reports together.  The first linked reports are in version 12.01: Fiscal 01, Fiscal 02, Fiscal 03, Ledger 99 and ReqPay 01, with more to follow.  These linked reports represent a view of the data from the high - level object summary all the way to details for an individual journal entry, making them perfect candidates for linking.

For example, run Fiscal 01 for a specific period, and then click on the link - the blue underline - for an object. Then Fiscal 02 runs showing all of the accounts used for the selected object.

Click on an account and Fiscal 03 runs showing all of the transactions for the account.  You can then click on a transaction to run Ledger 99 for the journals.

Coupled with the new report viewer, linked reports allow more than 1 report to be open at the same time.  In the example above, there will be 4 open reports.  You may go back to any of them and select a different object, account or transaction link to open another report for comparison or research.

Fiscal 03 also has a report link to ReqPay 01 - Vendor Detail, in addition to Quick Links that will open the Vendor activity.  Quick Links are identified by the letter Q surrounded by a red box.

All of this linking happens much more quickly than manually determining the correct parameters, then running and saving the individual reports for comparison.