Retirement Figures for 2011

Each February we like to post figures for the amount of retirement and payroll records processed through Escape Online 5 during the previous year.  Since W2 processing is now complete for 2011 we’d like to check those numbers again.  Last year Sonoma COE had just gone live so their numbers were small. This year Shasta COE and Chico USD are the newcomers who have not been live in Escape Online5 for a full year.   2011 retirement earnings (over 3 billion):

    $938,306,949               PERS

$2,552,601,955                STRS

$ 3,490,908,904               Total

2011 EE/ER Contributions (over half a billion):

$165,630,833                    PERS

$416,137,986                    STRS

$581,768,819                    Total

2011 Retirement report file “lines” including adjustments (over a million):

   522,936                           PERS

   642,291                           STRS

1,165,227                           Total

2011 Employee Paid (W2s) and Employee Paycheck/ACH

  79,312                              Employee Paid W2s

759,898                              Paycheck/ACH

These figures do not include our Escape Classic customers.  Next year we will see more growth with Marysville JUSD converting from Escape Classic to Escape Online 5. Monterey COE and San Joaquin COE will also be joining the Escape family!