MAA Report & Paradigm HealthCare Services

Jennifer Escamilla and I have spent the past few weeks working with Alicia Neumann and Tim Belden from Paradigm HealthCare Services on developing a specification for the MAA (Medi-Cal Administrative Activities) report.  Jennifer was able to use a few of our existing reports and extracts as a starting point and then worked through some specific examples with Tim to fine tune the specification.  After working with Paradigm, Jennifer also sent the spec to some of our customers to make sure it would work for them.  Susan, our report developer, is working on the report now so we’ll be able to make it available to customers very soon.  Jennifer and I enjoyed working with Alicia and Tim and appreciate their responsiveness and willingness to work with us directly.   

Paradigm's Executive Director, Constance Laflamme, says of the endeavor, "We were thrilled to partner with Escape on implementing a standard query that enables our clients to easily extract the data needed for Medicaid billing and reporting purposes. This report only enhances the services Paradigm and Escape offers its clients, and more importantly eases the workload for school personnel who work to make their Medicaid billing programs successful. Escape staff were great to work with and were impressed with their responsiveness to the project."