Now that's a clever idea!

When I first started working with Marysville to implement Escape Online 5, Kathy Cartwright, Director of Purchasing and Warehouse, mentioned that Bob Towery told her that they could scan their fixed asset tag numbers and serial numbers into Escape and no programming would be required.  Well, I was sceptical and had to try this for myself.   So I bought this bar code scanner, which was under $40 on Amazon.

And what do you know, IT WORKS!  And it's pretty cool.  First you plug the scanner into a USB port on your computer.  Then, while updating assets that have been received, you just have to put your cursor in the Tag Number field, point the scanner at the bar code on the Tag and pull the trigger.  The Tag number is magically entered into Escape Online 5 without me having to type a thing.  And it works with ANY bar code number.  So if I'm in the Serial Number field in the asset record, I can point to the bar code line of the item's serial number, pull the trigger and, Voila!, it's there.

The best part of this is that you'll never have a typo again.