12.01 Pay Compares - A New World Record!

I just finished up the 12.01 pay compares and I think it was an Escape World Record -  3 weeks from start to finish!!  If you read my article about the pay compare process, you know that I compare pay for every customer that uses our HR/Payroll module.  Currently, that means that I compared pay between version 11.04 and 12.01 for 18 customers!!  I worked with Jennifer Escamilla and our payroll developer Chad Guest through 7 rounds of pay compute code changes before we got 12.01 just perfect.  A small change to the dates used for some assignment adjustments in CR#11497 seemed very simple, but it really caused the pay compute teeter-totter to shift! The process is tedious and exhausting at times, but the outcome is well worth it.  We do our best to make sure that the payroll changes we make to fix one thing don’t end up having a negative effect on systems with different payroll setup.